70% Rejected

Well, I got another rejection on Friday. I know I should have posted about it then, but the man creature has two weeks off work and it’s messing with my routine. I haven’t been nearly as productive as I should have been in terms of updating this blog or getting actual writing done. Now, back on track:

I recieved a form rejection letter again, this time from one of my my top choices. So far I’ve gotten no feedback on anything, so I’m trying to remain distanced as I start thinking of ways to better the submission packet. Guessing what is turning people off is a difficult thing to do. If anyone has any experience in this department, I’d LOVE a few pointers. I’ll combine this problem with my morning writing sessions and write it all over from every perspective (which is a lot of perspectives).

What I am currently thinking I did wrong: I gave too much thought to the rules and not enough thought to voice. Well, seven rejections on, I don’t think I’ll be as hesitant to break a few rules. Time to make this submission packet stand out.

A Month On

Well, it’s been quite a few days, guys. Sorry about that. I was trying to update at least once every two or three days, but life happens. Sometimes, life happens really hard and fast, leaving you blindsided in an emotionally crippled heap on the ground. But time heals. Well, time and superhero movies. And alcoholic cider that tastes like apple pie.

Anyway, Four weeks and a day have passed since my last submission went out and I decided to look over the submission protocol for the remaining agents. Most of them still have plenty of time before they estimate I will hear from them, but one agent’s website says if you don’t hear from her in two weeks, she’s likely not interested. Well, it’s been four weeks and I’ve heard nothing, so I guess she’s out of the running. I guess that only leaves four.

This list is slimming rather slowly. Hopefully I’ll hear back from the others soon, but even right now it looks as if I’ll be making changes to the submission packet even if I get a request for a manuscript from one of the remainders. This is one hell of a way to learn!

And We Have Another

EDIT: I have taken out the name of the agency who sent me the rejection as it was pointed out that this could be viewed as anger/bitterness instead of my real intention of just being as forthcoming about this for educational purposes.

I got another rejection last night. This one WAS a form letter. Not even a form letter disguised as a nice rejection. This one was a ‘Dear Author’. They did, at least, admit that it was a standard form rejection, so a little bit of self-awareness was nice.

So, I guess I have another rejection to add to my spike (pictures of which will be forthcoming).

Keep those fingers crossed ladies and gents, the odds are getting smaller every day.