70% Rejected

Well, I got another rejection on Friday. I know I should have posted about it then, but the man creature has two weeks off work and it’s messing with my routine. I haven’t been nearly as productive as I should have been in terms of updating this blog or getting actual writing done. Now, back on track:

I recieved a form rejection letter again, this time from one of my my top choices. So far I’ve gotten no feedback on anything, so I’m trying to remain distanced as I start thinking of ways to better the submission packet. Guessing what is turning people off is a difficult thing to do. If anyone has any experience in this department, I’d LOVE a few pointers. I’ll combine this problem with my morning writing sessions and write it all over from every perspective (which is a lot of perspectives).

What I am currently thinking I did wrong: I gave too much thought to the rules and not enough thought to voice. Well, seven rejections on, I don’t think I’ll be as hesitant to break a few rules. Time to make this submission packet stand out.

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  1. inkhearted
    Nov 26, 2014 @ 22:09:07

    Have you thought about submitting to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition? It should start back up in January. I can’t remember if you were one of the people who submitted with me a few years ago, so if this is old info, sorry! But basically you submit a pitch, the first 50 pages, and the full manuscript, and you go through rounds; first, your pitch is judged. If you get through that round, then your 50 pages are judged (if you DON’T get through that round, you know you might need to work on your pitch!), then if you get through that round your whole novel is judged (and again, if you don’t your first chapters might need tweaking). I found it really useful when I entered and it might help you sort out what might need a bit of work. Thought I’d pass on the tip! =D

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  2. J.G. Lynn
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 09:18:09

    Thanks Emily! That sounds like a great idea. I do think I’ll submit this year.



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